Survive A Shooting posters are now available to purchase and print yourself.

These are the same Survive a Shooting posters that Alain provides to the organizations that he teaches his live class to.

But now you can purchase the poster size PDF and have the poster printed yourself and your local print shop. (Some businesses print their own Survive A Shooting posters.)

Keep your employees and those you care about aware of the responses to an active shooter or active threat. This is information that can save lives.

Order for your break room or common area now!

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Survive A Shooting Poster 24 x 36

Downloadable PDF   Only $4.99


Survive A Shooting Poster 34 x 56

Downloadable PDF   Only $6.99


These posters are perfect to hang with your OSHA posters so employees and others can view them regularly to be better prepared in the event of one of these tragic and terrifying situations.

Be sure to check out Alain’s Programs: Survive A Shooting course with Alain Burrese

24 x 36 Poster


34 x 56 Poster


Survive a Shooting Posters are a great way to provide life saving information to your team!