Survive A Shooting BookSurvive a Shooting Book Update:

The first draft was finished on November 10, 2017. It it currently being formatted in a rough version to be sent out to people for review and endorsements. Photographs and editing come next before the final draft will be ready for publishing.

Survive a Shooting is not another short pamphlet sized book regurgitating the Run-Hide-Fight mantra that many recent entries on the topic amount to. While I don’t know the final page count, it will be North of 300 pages of information to help people survive the unthinkable. Survive A Shooting is the most complete book for civilians related to this topic available, and will be the standard for when you want information to keep people alive. This book doesn’t just tell you to do something, it provides information and guidance on how to do it.

This book, along with the Survive a Shooting courses, will save lives.


Some of the Feedback so far:

I just finished the book. Great job! Definitely the best book on the market in the active shooter field.

Alain’s book is not regurgitated police and military tactics, it addresses the options and resources available to civilians and businesses when confronted with these terrible circumstances. The information here in works. But more importantly, it works with who you are and what you have. That’s what makes this book unique.

The CIA trains operatives to survive in hostile environments. Survive A Shooting trains people to survive active threats. Putting the knowledge in this book to use could literally save your life.

No one wants to be a victim, yet learning how to successfully defend against an armed threat can be a significant challenge. Nevertheless, with the right training it’s a surmountable one. If I was going to put my life (or a member of my family’s) in someone else’s hands during an active shooting, I can think of no better person to safeguard it than Alain Burrese. His knowledge, experience, and pragmatic approach create powerful, trustworthy advice that everyone must know.


Survive A Shooting Book Table of Contents:

Foreword by Loren W. Christensen


Chapter 1: History of Mass Killings

Chapter 2: The Problem Defined

Chapter 3: Active Shooter Prevention

Chapter 4: Your Mind, Adrenaline, and Mindset

Chapter 5: Active Shooter Response Models

Chapter 6: Escape

Chapter 7: Deny

Chapter 8: Attack Back

Chapter 9: Stop the Bleeding

Chapter 10: When Law Enforcement Arrives

Chapter 11: Develop Your Plan Now

A Final Message

Appendix A: Business Plan Considerations

Appendix B: Lawsuits Against Organizations After Active Shooter Events

Appendix C: Training Courses

Appendix D: Suicide Bomber Threats and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)

Appendix E: Surviving Terrorist Vehicle Attacks



About the Author

Check back often to see updates and when the Survive A Shooting book will be available. Autographed copies will be sold from this website. Discounts for multiple copies by those who take the Survive A Shooting course will also be available.