What To Do If You Are In a Wheelchair? I was asked this on Facebook, and so I did a live video to address this issue. Just because you are in a wheelchair, or are dealing with another challenge, does not mean you have to be a helpless victim. We have had people in wheelchairs, both men and women, go through the 8 hour Active Shooter Response class, including the scenarios. I’ve had people with other physical challenges attend my classes. It doesn’t matter. You can learn things and do thing to keep yourself safe and be a survivor.

What To Do If You Are In a Wheelchair Video

Remember, if you are not as good at one of the three responses, Escaping, Denying Access, or Attacking Back, work to improve that area the best you can, but also make the other two stronger. If a wheelchair and your environment makes the escape option unrealistic, work to make your deny and attack back options stronger. Sometimes this takes some thinking and planning, and maybe even a little creativity depending on your situation. But everyone can learn and do something to increase their survivability.

As I mention in the video, we had a student come through the course with a large motorized wheelchair and he determined that it would help him barricade and deny shooters from his and his student’s location. He didn’t let it be an obstacle. he figured out how to make it a strength. We had a woman who had very little mobility and used a motorized wheelchair, but she partook in all parts of the course with her co-workers and designed plans of what they would do if the unthinkable ever happened.

Don’t ever feel that you must be a victim. Never accept that. You can and will be a survivor!

What To Do If You Are In a Wheelchair