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Alain has taught Active Shooter Response Training to over 4000 people in a variety of occupations. Thankfully Active Shooter Training is attracting more attention to help prepare people for these life-threatening events, but many local police forces that offer “training” really only have the time and resources for a brief 30-60 minute slide presentation that may be accompanied by a 5-10 minute video.

Alain’s course goes way beyond to provide you an excellent training experience.

Alain has spent hundreds of hours refining, researching and developing an intensive in-depth course. It begins with approximately 2-hours of detailed classroom knowledge, background and strategy, then transitions to 2-hours of hands on training in topics like:

  • gun-disarms
  • barricading techniques
  • dealing with knife attacks
  • ambush techniques
  • working as a team
  • stop the bleeding
  • understanding the difference between cover and concealment
  • disaster response psychology
  • combat breathing
  • how to develop a surivor’s mindset

and a host of other critical tactics, techniques and strategies.

This course is designed to SAVE LIVES!

Below is a brief outline of the primary learning objectives in his powerful 4-hour live training course for Active Shooter Response.

Alain covers the essential facts about active shooter situations and what we’re up against and then teaches you what can be done.

Alain’s teaching style is straight forward and down-to-earth. His years of martial arts teaching and business consulting have helped him develop what his students agree is an easy going and engaging teaching and communicating style that helps students learn and retain the material.

Alain has packed his course with the essential knowledge to help people respond to and survive Active Shooter situations and other types of threats and terrorist incidents. He has included everything from recognizing and utilizing improvised weapons to understanding and practicing hands-on simple methods for a group to take down an active shooter.

This training is for the average person.

Alain teaching Survive A Shooting strategies to teachers in an elementary school.

It does not require you to be a trained martial artist, body builder or MMA fighter. In fact many of Alain’s students have been teachers, school administrators, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff.

Alain’s Survive a Shooting course is built around basic, effective strategies for everyone.

What will you do during those crucial minutes before help arrives? Those are the few minutes that can often mean the difference between lives being saved and lives being lost.


Active Threats: Weapons of Choice

Active shooters and active threats employ a variety of weapons and terror strategies to inflict harm and fear. Survive a Shooting teaches effective responses to deal with attackers who may be wielding one of these dangerous weapons. Get trained and improve your survivability.

Improvised Weapons

A fire extinguisher is a readily available items in homes, schools, businesses and hospitals. It can be used to stop an active shooter either with its spray or as a striking weapon. Many other everyday objects can be used effectively to defend yourself as you will learn in Alain’s course.

Cover versus Concealment

There is a world of difference between these two and Alain will teach you how to find both and how to make the best use of them. As a former sniper, concealment is his specialty! Knowing the difference could save your life.

Situational Awareness

It all starts with getting your head out of your apps!

How’s your situational awareness?

For most of us it isn’t that great. Why? Because we are distracted by the many things in our lives, from work, to children, to our mobile phones, advertising and a ton of things that could give anyone sensory overload.

In Alain Burrese’s in-depth 4-hours course “Survive a Shooting” you will learn the importance and the different levels of awareness and how to use and practice them in your everyday life to keep safe in active shooter situations and other events such as terrorist attacks. You will learn that being aware doesn’t have to mean being afraid or paranoid that there is a terrorist or an active shooter around every corner.


Cooper’s Awareness Scale


Think about it for a moment, what is the primary tool the Secret Service uses to protect the President and otherhigh visibility figures? It’s their eyes. They have developed a keen sense of situational awareness and understand what to watch for and you will too!

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