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Webinar Invitation
Survive a Shooting: What You Can Do to Survive an Active Shooter Event
Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 1:00 PM ET | Duration: 60 mins | Presented by: Alain Burrese

Credits: Approved for [1.0 PDC by SHRM] and [1.0 credits by HRCI]

The frequency of active shooter incidents have increased in recent years along with the numbers injured and killed. Columbine, the Aurora movie theater, Sandy Hook, and the Orlando nightclub are just a few examples of this terrifying trend. When these unthinkable acts occur, every second counts, and unfortunately it takes police minutes to respond. Workplaces, schools, and even citizens out at theaters and malls should have a plan of what they can do to stay alive during these critical minutes before law enforcement arrives. These are the few minutes that can often mean the difference between lives being saved and lives being lost.

This session by expert speaker, Alain Burrese, will provide critical insights, knowledge, life-saving skills and strategies for dealing with active shooter threats. You will be able to develop a plan to keep yourself and others alive when a killer is looking for a high body count. This includes learning to recognize threats, what to do in the middle of a mass shooting to increase survivability, and how to save people who have been shot or stabbed by an active threat. The information presented in this session will increase your safety while at the workplace and while out and about in your personal time. The information can be adapted to business workplaces, government buildings, schools, hospitals, and medical facilities. This critical information will help prepare you and your employees in the event of a mass shooting scenario in a public space.

Session Highlights

  • The history and nature of active shooter threats
  • What you can do before an active shooter incident
  • What you can do during an incident to survive
    • Escape
    • Deny
    • Attack back
  • What you should do when law enforcement arrives
  • Why stopping the bleeding is critical and how to do it

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Survive a Shooting Webinar Invitation