Know your exits! This is a valuable thing to know during an emergency. Too often, most people try to exit out the entrance they came in during emergencies, and this often prooves fatal. Airline disasters and club fires both illustrate this point. Knowing nearest and alternate exits has saved people’s lives.

Many people teach to be aware. It’s true, situational awareness is very important for your safety. It is one of the most important things for your safey. But what should you be aware of? There are a number of things you should notice, and one key thing is to know the escape routes and the ways out of wherever you are. Know your exits!

Here is a video I recorded live on Facebook regarding this topic.

Active Shooter: Know Your Exits Video

Make it a game. Get your kids involved too. Teach them to always know the way out of wherever you are. Here is a short video I filmed in a mall discussing the importance of knowing exits and how many people won’t think of the exits going out the back of stores because we don’t normally use those exits. In an emergency, you can use them, and that just might save your life.

I hope these videos get across the importance of knowing how to get out of anyplace you are. You don’t have to dwell on it, just be aware of the ways out in case you need to exit quickly to save your life or that of others. Like I said above, you can make a game of it to help get used to recognizing the ways out. Make it fun for your kids and they will be learning a life saving skill without even knowing it.

Like I always say, I sincerely hope you never need to know where the emergency exits and alternate ways out are. But if you do, I sure hope you have been aware. I want you to be a survivor.

Know Your Exits Save Your Life in an Active Shooter Event