The Survive a Shooting Course received a great response from the groups in Manassas and Woodbridge, Virginia. While Alain had some trying experiences during the trip, he ensured the students of the Survive a Shooting class received top information to help them develop a plan and be prepared for the worst of situations.

Alain’s Comments on the Trip:

I was caught up in what they are calling the “Delta Meltdown” as I flew to Virginia to conduct two Survive a Shooting (Active Shooter Response) classes in Manassas and Woodbridge. While I didn’t have my Survive and Defend shirt to wear, nor did I have all my gear for the class due to lost luggage, I was able to borrow a couple training weapons while there to help with the class.

Survive a Shooting Course Review

This was posted on FaceBook by Dr. Marquez after the trainings in
Manassas and Woodbridge Virginia on Friday, April 7, 2017:

“Great active shooter / work place violence training with Alain
Burrese. After a huge ordeal coming from home, Mr. Burrese made it to
VA and delivered the best active shooter training I have ever been a
participant of, and he did it with less than 5 hours of sleep after
having spent almost 24 hours traveling and having lost his luggage.
Talk about incredible resilience, and having an incredible ability to
ÔÇťAdapt, Overcome, execute.” I omitted improvise as Alain is a true
expert in his field and he delivered an implacably, accurate,
impactful and relevant training not only once today but twice in a
period of 10 hours. I can’t wait for him to come back to town and
spend more time at the center in October. Everyone in the team had the
same feedback and it gets summarized in one word ‘that training was

As you can see from the review, the lack of my gear and change of clothes was not going to prevent me from presenting an awesome training. The real proof is in the fact that they already booked me to return in six months.

Here are a few picture of the training that were posted on Facebook with the above review:

Alain Burrese teaching at the Manassas Center

Alain Burrese teaching at the Woodbridge Center

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Survive a Shooting Course Review 4-7-17